2001-12-31 09:19:02 (UTC)

new years eve.

so im back yet again frm one of those stupid raves.
i went on saturday nite with them and it was kinda late..
thankfully chups told me to go back to woodlands.
my grandad joined us the next morning.

it was shit. but i didnt do much becoz not all of them was
there. i saw a couple of familiar faces but when ur mind
isnt there u dont really feel interested in the dance
floor. i only had one drink. but it ws more than enough.

i got back at abt 11 plus. dats amazinly early.. no one
lived as far as woodlands and i cldnt get a ride from anyone so i had
to excuse myslef earlier.

my mind is goin fuck fuck fuck rite now. i dont noe why.
its just goin fuck fuck fuck.

im at home alone rite now. somehow it hasnt dawn to me tt
tmr is a new year by itself. geez, wld it be by the window,
the corridor or simply staring the tv from the couch.
how exciting is new years eve.

my heart isnt at peace. its like boiling sulphur. raging
but what more wld u noe abt me than my grief and my
stricken pain should i confess to you at this precise
moment now?
u might be real u might be fake. i might be
incomprehendable. but remember, i can see thru you and tt
even if i cant, dont forget tt walls have ears and
everywhere u go, someone is watching you.