It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-31 08:46:34 (UTC)

i just want you to know i've got a major crush on you...

he ataris at work, "san dimas high school football rules".
bill and ted's excellent adventure was a good movie, lol.
this is whacky, im the only person signed on that's on my
buddy list. yes, i have myself on my buddy list, so i can
see who warned me and so i can make sure my profile looks
like how i want it. i hung out with jill, kate and their
cute, 15 year old (dammit!) friend, emily. she's hella
fine, but she seemed really uncomfortable around me and
joe. prolly cause we're both knocked out of our ghords.
sall good i guess. we went to see jill's brother's band
(sucked something fierce), tried to play pool but got
kicked out for having too many people at a table. so we
went to meijer. my boy dean is having a little party
tomorrow for new years, which is cool, cause now i have
some place to go. but the thing that sucks the most is that
i have to work until [email protected]! i think that's shit, but my
brother said he might take over for me so i can leave at 8.
that'd be cool.
i got an email from my half brothers mom the other day. i
haven't seen them in like...6 or 7 years. ok, the story
goes, terry and john are married, and tried to have kids,
but terry kept having mis-carriages and still borns. and
the doctors said if she had one more, she might die. my
mom volunteered to have kids for them, but not like
adoption. john, terry's husband, had sex with my mom (eww,
btw) so he could have natural kids. and when they were
born, john and terry would be their legal parents. my mom
was just the oven. but anyway, my half brothers are scott
and jeff. scott is like...15 i think and jeff is 12 or so.
im not to sure. i'd like to see them though, i think that'd
be cool. nowadays, scott would know what's up and we
wouldn't have to sit around playing with toys n shit, we
could go chill n stuff. they're house is soooo cool, as i
remember it at least. they live in conneticut, just down
the street from david letterman. it's a huge house.
i guess that's it for me now, it's almost 4, so im gonna
go get some sleep, peace out.


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