the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-12-31 08:42:34 (UTC)

cohearent .....oh its so overrated

oh my goodness i dont think i have ever been this freakin
pissed off
everytime i have asked someone to do something for the well
being of there self and me for that matter they have done
it b/c they cared
well i gues i finally found a person that is about as
selfish as i am
unfortunately it sux b/c all i want is for things to be
great but they cant be great b/c of what he is doing
he is so freakin high right now its not even funny
i called to say good night and Corey his room mate had to
basically pry him off the couch for him to answer the phone
and then when he did finally answer he wasnt even cohearent
enough to comprehend hello
goh thats so stupid
a wise friend of mine once said in a matter of
words "people are so worried with making their own
decisions and controlling their own life but yet they
drink and smoke shit which inturn clouds their judgement
and takes over and then they dont have control anymore"
thats a rough descprition of her words but i mean shes right
why would you put crap into your body that takes control of
you when you complain about not having control over your
life in the first place
i am not much better with certain things b/c yes i drink so
i am in the wrong to an extent to bash other people
but i hate it that he is high i hate that he isnt cohearent
enough to remember that i was on the phone
he kept blanking in the middle of a thought
and i had to keep yelling at him into the phone to let him
know that i was still there......he almost fell asleep
and corey woke him up to ask him if he had hung up the
phone which he hadnt
well all i cant wait to hear comments on this beautiful
spill but im out