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2001-12-31 07:41:53 (UTC)


My best friend is C. He's the only person that can make me
feel needed and loved. He is 15 and in the same grade as
I, a teeny weeny freshman. He's really into the Arts. We
are in Speech and Debate together, and plan to do all the
plays. We have the same favorite movie - Cruel
Intentions. If you haven't seen it, here's my little scoop
on it.

Sebastian and his stepsister Kathryn are obsessed with
eachothers bodies. Kathryn and Sebastian make a bet that he
can deflower the headmasters daughter before school
starts. Sebastian starts in on his bet, but it backfires.
There is also this girl named Cecile. She is a fruitcake,
let me tell you. She just, is a little odd. SHe obeys
pretty much everyone, and thinks Kathryn is her best
friend. You just need to watch the movie.
"I am the Marcia-fucking-Brady of the Upper East Side and
sometimes I wanna kill myself" - Kathryn

Okay, back onto C. He's really hott and it's really late so
I am going to go to bed. Goodnight cybersurfers.