Another lost soul

Caste Shadows
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2001-12-31 07:33:14 (UTC)

I'm sick

Yeah, I'm sick.

I'm an eighteen year-old male. I hate guys. Yeah, that's
right. Guys/boys/men, whatever you want to call them, make
me sick. They are such perverts. And they think that
beating things up is the answer. And they care nothing of
feelings. All they want are souped-up cars and sex. Its
sick. Its discusting. And I hate being one of them. I am
prejudged so much just because I am a male.

That's why all of my friends are female. Because I'm sick
of guys. And they are all of a varied age range. Anywhere
from twelve to twenty-four. It just shows how superiour
girls are. Even a twelve year-old girl is more knowledgable
about feelings than a guy twice her age.

I'm sick of my life as it is. Things are too hard. I've
been beaten and battered way too much. All I want is to
make things better and people attack me for it, while others
think that they can just come and start harassing me for the
pleasure of it. If I was a girl it wouldn't be this way. I
wish things were different.

You know what? I wish I was a little ten-year old girl. I
wish I could just run to my friends, when I was feeling sad,
and just hug them tightly and let them comfort me until I
felt better. And they would protect me and offer help all
the time. And I would help them out too, but they would be
very nice and insist they do it themselves. But I would
help anyway. And we would smile and laugh and be happy.
And I would be eager to show and talk about things I've done
and they would support me and tell me that I'm doing a great
job. Yeah, all my wonderful friends. And life would be so
care-free. Oh how I wish it were so...

Is that really so sick of me to want that? I don't think
so. Way less sick than adolescants wanting sex, that's for
sure. I can have my wishes, even if they never come true.
But I can have them.

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