* Karlie *

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2001-12-31 06:58:46 (UTC)

How I Feel

I hate the way I feel
I hate the way I look
I hate the way things are

I feel so bad
I feel so gross
I feel like I'd be better off gone

I don't want to be at home
I don't want to at school
I don't want to be alone

I can't stand the way I am
Or the way I look
I can't stand the fact that I'm fat

I cry in my room
I cry at night
But most of all by myself

I want somebody
I need somebody

Feeling my body gushing over
Makes me sick
Makes me hate who I have become

I want this to end
I need this to end
Please let it end

A day without eating
Two days without eating
Three days without eating

PLEASE... please...

I'd rather die then feel
How I feel