Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-12-31 06:52:18 (UTC)


Umm haven't written in a while.. I never seem to get around
to it anymore. Yesterday I was supposed to meet Ryan @ the
mall when I went w/ Emmily and her dad. But her dad decided
to stop and eat first so we didnt get there until 4 and
Ryan went @ 2. So I looked around the mall a bit while we
were there and called his house a few times but never saw
him. I guess he and his friend left like 5 of 4.. so thats
pretty sucky. It never seems to work out when we're gonna
hang out. And now he's grounded so theres no chance for New
Years.. agghh well.. Emm's here staying tonight. Her
parents let her take the car for once so we drove around a
bit, rented Pearl Harbor and she came here to watch it..
its a good movie-- made me cry a bit.. teehee.. yupp..
she's sleeping now-- I tried for an hr and a 1/2 but I
couldnt sleep so I came out and got on-- and when I came
out my front door was blown wide open from the wind--
spooky.. umm yea.. what else.. Im bored and tired. my
mom's leaving me the car tomorrow so I can go to the mall..
fun stuff.. yea I cant think of anything else..