Intellectual's Realm of the Unknown
2001-12-31 06:51:41 (UTC)

The beginning of it all

It all started when I was a wee little lassy. Okay guys, I
am not making you know my entire life story. Let's start
from. How about school. High school. After all, it only
started about 16 weeks ago. Okay.
I started High School on some day in August. I have Choir,
then Science, then English, then Careers or Keyboarding. I
hate my last 2 teachers. My English teacher and Careers
teacher are both gay. They are males, and I think they are
in love. My careers teacher has these really thick glasses
that like magnify his eyes times 20.
I love my last 2 classes, though. I have them with my best
friend, C. He has a diary on this site, too. You should
look at it. He writes some awesome reviews. A plus for me
that, well, I guess no one on here has is that he's really
truly beautiful.
I am 14 and I live in this small little hick town. I can't
wait to get my license so I can just drive places when I'm
I think thats all you need to know for now. It is 1 AM and
I am on the phone with C. I am going to bed.
Night to the net.

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