I'll be your stumbleine...
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2001-12-31 06:43:05 (UTC)

Seems like an eternity...

Wow, this state is extremely boring... Nothing to do,
nothing to say, god dammit! Found out that the guy I messed
around with the other night has a girlfriend. Haha, leave
it to me. And supposedly he was worried that he was leading
me on... isn't that hilarious. I've never expected anything
from any man and I'm definitely not going to start now.

Sum called today and sounds like she's having as much fun
as I am. Tim called her and wanted her to go to the mansion
for New Years. Kevin called and apologized for the whole
Megan thing, but Sum didn't buy any of it and pretty much
told him off. I was very proud. And of course, Tim has not
called me yet, but he's just as stubborn as I am and my
thoughts are that we'll never get anywhere with the two of

The posse wants to hang in Slowdotna for New Years, and I
think that sounds really bad so mel and I will probably
stay up here in A-town. Thank god, there is no one I
particularly want to see down there anyways, except for
maybe Ange. Oh well, getting anxious for Colorado and my
good ol life there... I'm only stuck here for like 2 more
weeks anyways... seems like an eternity though...

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