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2001-12-31 06:31:47 (UTC)

the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring--movie

i've seen the movie twice now. once with my family, the
other with my friend d. she will remain d. throughout the
rest of my days here.


not only is elijah wood a great actor--and--inside joke for
d.: a COMPLETE hottie! lol! i think it started a great
movie trilogy. it's scenes were simply beautiful, and the
acting was without flaw and the characterzation--i've heard-
-was spot-on. just what i've heard. i'll relay my thoughts on
that once i've completed the book. the story is amazing and
refreshing from the normal day bullshit you see splattered
everywhere. i was happy to see some (for me) new faces in
the acting business, and thought that liv tyler was
excellent in her role.

i personally see why it's a classic of literature. the
first time i watched it, i sat in spellbound silence for the
entire running...the second wasn't much better. had i not
had d. there to allow me to poke jokes at a few things--
inside jokes, naturally--i would have been just as

sean astin was ripe with talent. he played sam--i'm keeping
it that simple for i can't spell all the confusing long ass
names in tolkien's books. the character of sam is
interesting, also. i'm going fully by the movie, however,
so my opinions could alter after reading the book.

i hope it gets a few oscars under its belt--and REALLY hope
elijah wood get best actor or sean astin gets best
supporting actor. they both utterly deserve it. later.

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