* Karlie *

2001-12-31 06:20:03 (UTC)

Not too good

Not too good today... Err I ate soup and 2 slim fast
bars... I know I broke a thousand calories and on top of
that I had friends over so I couldn't really excersize!
UGH! Thank god starting Jan 1st I'm going VEGAN! I bought
a book and everything. I think that'll make it a lot
easier. I felt really gross last night when George and I
were making out. I didn't want him to see or feel my fat
and he wouldn't stop touching me, or touching my stomach.
I didn't want to push him away cause I like him and I
didn't want him to think I didn't! I just wish I still
weighed 103! I can't believe I gained so much weight. I
am the definition of the freshman 15! and I HATE IT!
Better luck tomorrow!


Height: 5'0
Weight: 115
BMI: 22.5