musings under the sun
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2001-12-31 06:15:58 (UTC)


i'm a huge fan of the written word. i can't show it in my school,
however, else i opted to be dubed as a fag. too bad. these are a few
of my favorites:

interview with the vampire:
i can't get over how wonderful, beautiful...insightful and moving
this book is. the characters are flawless and magical in their own
vile way. louis is the narrator of the book. he's a sad, wistful and
witty character that is later turned into a vampire by lestat, and
vengeful, evil and sinister vampire. you can't help but love him,
though. together, they have a daughter named claudia--conveying
traits of both her fathers. it moves from one lush scene
to another, enthralling you with each captive adventure they embark

the lord of the rings triology:
acutally, i haven't read the books yet. i've seen the firs
movie...and decided that it was a must to read them. a review will
come later.

harry potter:
can you not help but love these magical books?! they show the purest
beauty of friendship and youthful courage. centering around on
character--harry, a smart, powerful, and in the way i read him, low-
key 11 year old that is swooped up into the land of wands, potions,
charms and humans that can turn into animals. hermione granger and
ron weasley are his two friends. hermione is the brilliant over-
looked girl that i think will blossom into a gorgeous women as the
series of seven comes to an end. ron is the hilarious shadow of his
brothers and harry. but he handles it absolutely perfect. without
regret for what he's doing or pity on himself. if you haven't read
them--the series is up to a staggering four--you must!

when the wind blows, james patterson: words can not express of
wonderful it is. you MUST read it! must!

romeo & juliet:
the classic tale of a doomed love. everyone's heard it...now read it
from the poetic view of shakespeare.

and that's it...for now. i'm in the process of devoring a few
more...hopefully the fellowship of the ring will be done soon, as
will blood and gold. later.