the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 15:04:58 (UTC)

Gives Up The Fight

Gives Up The Fight


i walk through the hallway
the coldness
the blankness
of the empty walls
the doors are closed

a separate isolation
a separate entity
lays behind each and every
gray metal door

i walk through the hallway
until i find the open door
it is open but an inch
but it is open

so i turn the handle
i push
as the eerie creaks echo
and the dust from a thousand
years floats into the air
but settles down
only a few inches further

the light from the hallway is dim
so i must strain to try and see
to understand

for there is no light inside

i cough and choke
an the dank and dismal air
suffer with the sickening stench
i move the cod-webbed furniture
to find what i am looking for

i feel afraid to breathe
i feel afraid to move
for the room may take
offense to me even slightly
changing it

i find the safe
hidden in the corner
the lock is cold
i turn the dial

and i turn, and turn, and turn

and as if the safe gives up the fight
the barrels click
and the door moves

i open it

only to find
a barren and empty center

all that work
all that time
all that hope
only to go down
the hallway again