The Xdruggie Files
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2001-12-31 05:14:57 (UTC)

Suddenly Sunday

didn't want to get up yesterday. it was a sleep in kinda
day, but i got up and went to the 11 o'clock meeting. saw
my sponsor-she told me not to go on a date (did i forget to
mention that i had a date?) Bubba told her that he had
concerns about my sexual compulsivity issues and going with
a guy- my sponsor had issue over the guilt i might feel if
i broke my sexual sobriety contract and the effect it would
have on my drug addiction. So instead of normal date- we
went to have coffee. he is actually really good for me- we
talked some things out and as i was flirting with him- he
point blank said he wouldn't have sex with me while i was
in this early of sobriety-It's been a while since someone
told me "no" but it was what i needed. we are gonna hang
tomorrow night- i would like to at least make out or
something, but i am not going to rush anything-too bad he
lives in FL. he encouraged me to keep working on my
writing. he is in the process of writing a screenplay for
school. L. called again- he said he wanted to hang out and
that he was going back into treatment tomorrow, but he
never showed. Everytime he does that i worry that he is