ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2001-12-31 05:05:57 (UTC)

I'l be the last one..mo like the last dragon of sorts

well what a fucked up xmas break.sunday morning was kewl
cuz manda and chris came over and chilled from like 4 am to
6 am then i slept in.I got up and got ready and we all went
to my grandparents then to scott's mom's xmas eve
party.well myke was supposed to be in town and low and
behold..who calls on my cell? MiKe!!! he asked what i was
doing and i said that when i got home from the party i'd
call him and he could come over.well we went to scott's
dads for a bit then got home around midnight so MiKe came
over and we chilled and had fun all night just being stupid
and joking with each other and he gave me an early xmas
present.*wink wink* well he chilled till like 7 am and then
mom was like ashley go to bed.so i slept till like noon
then we got up and opened presents..i gotta lot of phat
stuff.then we went to my granparents and did the presnt
thing there and ate,then it was off to my great
grannys.well i ended up falling asleep and my mom woke me
up and we went home around 9.so i got ready and MiKe
called.so we drove around looking for sumthin to do..but
what is there to do on xmas night at 11 pm? so we went to
his moms house and hung out in his old bedroom and talked
and chilled.then we went to Penny's Diner (this 50's
nostalgia cafe place thats open 24/7) and we got a bite to
eat at 4 then we went to my house and fell asleep on the
couch together and finally he left at 7 again cuz he had to
drive home at noon.MiKe really cheered me up and i loved
being with him for those two days.well manda called the
next day and said she was gonna stop by ..i figured it
would be her and chris..maybe butter would be with
him..well they show up and its all three and guess who was
with them .....STEVE!! yep thats right at first i was like
what is he doing coming over cuz i thought he didnt like me
since he didnt talk to me at his work.well we were all
gonna watch Big Money Hustlas and shit then my mom came
home and spazzed and said she was going with scott and
dumping us on our dad and she didnt give a shit about us,
so me and her got into it and i was like fuck you im
leaving..she said if i did she would call the cops but i
stayed with manda anyways.well steve told me the only
reason he didnt talk to me was cuz he was nervous to meet
my mom.well we ended up fooling around and then falling
asleep in each others arms and he stayed at mandas with
me.well friday we all went up to PGH and went to Club Laga
and saw Dj Dieselboy...Dj FUCKING Dieselboy..I loved
it...but we couldnt find any rollz just meth.but i still
had fun clubbing.well steves car broke down half way up
there so we had to ride in the back of mandas truck...thank
god she had the cab on it.but that was the only bad
part.then we went to Eat N Park at like 4 in the morning
and got sumthin to eat and it was sooo kewl cuz the two
black girlz that waited on us were awesome.one bite steve
and the other gary hit on all night.on the way up steve
asked me out and i said yes..im sooo happy.well he paid for
my dinnner (thats a first with a guy) and we left a big tip
for the girlz.then we drove home.well the next day i
decided to come home but my dad found me first.seems he
found out what was going on and came in from NC now im in
alot of trouble and shit..he wants me to go with him to NC
but im fighting it cuz me and mom worked our problems out
and im gonna behave and shes gonna be less inconsiderate.so
things are kinda down..karmas been pretty low but i got
forces greater than anyone else....THE DARK CARNIVAL..thats
right..i have faith and everything WILL turn out
alright.but i gotta bounce cuz my lil sis wants to go watch
BMH with me.

* M-C-L ya'll and may the DC be with us all*
(especially me!hehe)

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