little mind farts...
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2001-12-31 04:59:01 (UTC)

my pajamas are comfy as hell!! :0)

sometimes i think that everyone around me is having sex.
then i think to myself...what's wrong with me? why am i not
having sex? then i think more and i realize the reality of
the situation. not everyone is having sex and even though
it is becoming a hell of alot harder to stay a virgin...i
just don't seem to get the green light. i guess that it
isn't the right time right?
i have had the oppurnity to have sex but i will not do
it unless i feel that everything is right. i can tell now
that i am not going to be one for casual sex. the act would
be too emotional for me. hell i can't mess around with
someone unless i have some type of emotion for that person.
don't get me wrong...i have been in situations where i
cared for the people (two to be exact)tremendously but
other circumstances weren't right. i suspose that the right
time will come. until then...i won't rush it. besides a
kiss i feel is extremely underrated. people always wanna
skip the kisses and things in between to get right to what
comes next. rest in the messing feels
wonderful! :0)

-michelle :0)

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