lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-12-31 04:37:27 (UTC)

boys stink...literally

if i have to go on another vacation with these crazy boys i
think i will go insane. they fart, the bathrooms
CONSTANTLY smell, plus they get to be out on the slopes all
day and then they come home & rub it in my face. i don't
even care that they're skiing...i'd rather ski than sit on
my booty all day. my mom said she'll take me shopping
tomorrow but it was like a guilt trip like "i'll take a day
of skiing IF I MUSSSST" so i feel all bad.

i think i'm still bitter with phil or something. or maybe
i'm bitter that we talked a lot this summer & then he goes
back to treating me like the nonexistent person who's
stupid. seriously. grr. but it's not like bobby insists
with "flirting" or anything like that!! oh my!! this is
seriously one guy i can say that i have noooo romantic
interest in!!!

haha today he was doing something dumb, and mrs. loos said,
"stop it, phil, that's REALLY unattractive!" and he
snapped, "who am i trying to attract here??"

i am bored out of my head. email me!