*in love with him*

*butterfly kisses*
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2001-12-31 04:26:06 (UTC)

((my love my life))

Hey its my first time writing here from opendiary. Its a
little well, a lot different so if someone could help me
thatd be great.

well, im 14 going on 15 in july. Thats all you really need
to know about me i guess.

I met this guy jon-we spent a lot of time talking and
hanging out and stuff. I really started to like him a lot,
in like 2 months we got real close, by 3 we are going out.
now its 4 months later and i love him. I love him with my
whole heart i mean he can do the meanest thing to me and i
still, forgive and forget, because I love him. Just
recently, he stopped saying i love you or bye or calling as
often. I feel as if he doesnt like me as much as i like
him. it kills me to know that he doesnt care as much as i
care. I really dont know what to do. I am so lost here.
I love him so much. Everything was perfect, until...i dont
know. i guess its fading out? *for him not me* I
seriously love him with all my heart even though he tends
to break it often. Hearts are wasted lives are broken.