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life of a porn star
2001-12-31 04:26:01 (UTC)

xmas vacation

the night after the last entry i talked to matt agan and
the convorsation went no were. so we stopped talking but w
were bith online for a long time after. i did a tarot
reading and i realized that he can only hurt me again and i
need to let him go. so i am ok. but i know itwont
last.last night jrd had a pry but i didnt go. i dunno why.
i guess i was kinda miserable yesterday. ijust watched
movies. ive been so bored lately, tommarow is new years eve
and i have no plans. sigh its quite depressing. o well i
get to work till 7 with phil lol. i am unattached right
now.i hvent gone out at all this vacation. ive been online
cybering ect. i need to get out. today i went to the mall
and got soe new clothes.