J's Journal
2001-12-31 04:10:48 (UTC)

Sorry it's been forever

Well, it has been too long since I last wrote....I guess I
have been really busy.
First off, I lost the baby about two months ago. I think
it was for the best though, and everything has been going
really good since then. I had a horrible time after I had
the D&C done. I was in the worst pain for a week after and
I thought I was dying for sure. I lived on Vicodin for
that entire week and it even wasn't cutting it. I wouldn't
wish that on anybody in the world.
Things are going great with Kevin and I. We have talked
several times about officially being together and even
marriage in the future. I love him more than anything in
the world. We dont even talk like he's not here anymore.
It's always like he is laying right beside me...we even
talk about our kids and everything like that. He wants me
to have a 3k ring when we get together. I was like
Dammmmnnnn!!! that would be fine with me...LOL! I told him
he wouldn't have to but he says he always wanted his wife
to have one since his mom does. His parents are seperated
right now though, cause Kevin caught his dad cheating in
their own house. It's a big mess now. Kevin and his dad
got into it cause he told his mom and then his dad cut off
the phone line. We havent gotten to talk as long, but he
still calls me everyday and tells me how much he misses
me. He is kinda worried about N.Y.E but I promised him I
wouldn't mess things up ever again, and I wont. All I want
is to be with him, and there is nothing in the world that
could be so important to me to mess that up anymore. We
are planning about two weeks together in July. They have a
beach house in Miami and he is coming to get me with his
friend Casey so we can be together. I am so excited!!! HE
also has try outs for the NC Tarheels...that will be so
awesome if he makes it. He has my christmas present on the
way...a little late but he couldn't help it.
Secondly, I am about to get a promotion along with a
raise at work. I could even have the ass. manager position
before too long. I just keep working my way up there. I
know just about everything I have to, and I have the DM
wrapped around me finger.
Well, I am going to go. I wont be able to write tomorrow
cause I am going out....Not necessarily for my enjoyment,
but more to babysit my sister cause when she drinks she
always gets in some kind of trouble....Bye