What's up now?
2001-12-31 04:10:07 (UTC)

first and last.....

so I just sat at home today, can you believe it!?!? This is
a first for this break, and hopefully a last :) last night was pretty fun!! I went to movie
and dinner with the fam, then came home and went to
Laurens....So we talked while she finished getting ready,
then Lauren, Amanda, and I were off to Party the night
away :) We ended up at Amanda's step-brothers house where
he was having a bunch of people was quite
fun :) But I was DD so I couldnt have too much fun....but
enough:) hehe....Then after awhile Lauren started to get
sick so she wanted to leave, good thing we did because as
soon as we got home the puking began....she was up like
every 10 min for awhile then she finally fell asleep and
then it all started over again at like 8:30....when we
finally decided to go get Amanda's car we thought we were
gonna make it, but we had to make numerous pit
stops....poor baby!! I wanted to help make her feel
better, but there's nothing to give someone when they are
in that state....maybe I'll get on that :) hehehe :) Well
kiddies, tomorrow's New Years!!! I hope you're ALL going
to PARTY the night away :) I sure know I will be!!! Brian
bought me some blue label....I dunno if you know what that
is, but it's pretty potent stuff!!! YEA!!!!! ooops, I'm a
good girl :) So anyways....tonight has been pretty
boring, except last night played it's tolls on my body and
I am exhausted!!! So I'm off to get a good nights
rest....I have a long day with the girls tomorrow and then
ya know, the whole NY thing :) Have fun, Happy 2002!!!!!