ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2001-12-31 03:34:25 (UTC)

we all die N*E*wayZ

I am not what u think i am. im just me. i have a
life, because im living right now. but do i really like any
of my so-called friends???..... no. i dont. i dont give a
FUCK about those people, and they probably feel the same
way about me. we only pretend to be friends to entertain
eachother from being bored. people come and people go, so
why do i have to be stuck with these ones? because out
there someone just wanted to make my life a living hell.
why did i meet the people i met, or go to Centennial, or
live in Peoria, the most boring city, or be the way that i
am? it just happened, and so im stuck with it. dont listen
to anyone, because what the fuck do they know about what
you really want in life, or how u feel, or why u do the
things u do? its all a bunch of bullshit!!!'

I see right through a lot of people, and i know
the words, but i cant really speak them. its all a mental
game in life, so fuck everything, get laid by a total
stranger, go steal a car and wreck it, rob a store, get
really drunk and high, dance around and take off all ur
clothes while doing so, murder someone, go to a rave while
trippen on acid, go to a fuckin hard-core show and start a
mosh pit, and die of an overdose from anything u want.
we're all gonna die soon anyways, right? so fuckin live it
up bi-atch!!!!

he he, i dont know what i was thinken when i
wrote this. its basically a lot of movies put together and
my bored imaginative mind. i really love u guys! dont
listen to me, im a nobody. later.

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