somewhere over the rainbow
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2001-12-31 03:11:51 (UTC)

12-30-01 8:56 pm

hey hey whts up nothin much here. my party was last night
nd this mornign. im s glad its over, i was so stressed
about it. i hate having parties becuz im like in different
groups of popel an so like if i invteliek 3 different
groups then they dont always get along,i hate that. i just
every1 wouldlike each other. i wish we had like a utopia
of a country....stupid america. at first every one was
seperatd and tehn at like 11 every one started commin
together so it was pretty cool. but i got lots of cool
presents tho~! and i got scared shitless at lik 5 AM and
thn i slept all day lol.... i gotta michele branch cd.
and my mom is like really strict about the music i listn
to so she took it and said she might give it back to me
when she thinks its ok (if she does think its ok)yeah, so
hope she gives itback.. anyways. guess thats it.