"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-12-31 03:02:21 (UTC)

Whats going down

Not much has happened I had a good Christmas. Tiffani got
her wisdom teeth out and it wasnt taht bad I guess I havent
seen or talked to her in a while besides earlier. We still
have to do somethiing and I think we are sometime.
Tomorrow is New years eve and I think me, Sarah, Tiffani
and Cj might do something tomorrow. So that would be
kool. He was sick when i talked to him earlier and he
didnt go to work either so I hope he feels better. I got
some good sweaters from him. I dont know what Tiffani got
me if she did. But I forgot to give CJ his but if I seen
him tomorrow i will give it to him and If i see Tiffani
Tomrrow I will give hers to her. Its not the koolest thing
in the world but I didnt know what to get them. They
already have me what more could you want. I went and seen
that movie Ali when I got my system fixed. I have now 2
10"s and its the bomb. Ali was a really good movie. Then
me and CJ went and Seen The Lord of the Rings it was a
really good movie with a bad ending. But I cant wait for
the continuesome. Well i guess thats all that has happened
that i can rememeber. so i am going to go.#3

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