Happy days, and then those other ones
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2001-12-31 02:50:39 (UTC)


i'm downloading the four seasons and its going to take like
4 hours or so, at the rate i'm going, but it's all good
since i like the music and i'm just playing what i have so
far over and over and over and over and over... i think
it's annoying my pops. i think i'm gonna download some
madonna songs later... or maybe songs from moulan rouge,
cuz that movie kicks your ass. my senior portrait is
staring at me, and i don't like it. STOP! i have listened
to spring like 20 times, and i don't even have any of the
other seasons... winter is last, and i like that one. liz
did such a good job playing that! and autumn, if i could
play piano, would be our song... you know it. alias is on,
but it's an old one, and unlike sitcoms you cannot watch
that kind of show more than once, cuz all the suspence is
gone. what if i get to the end of this and find out that
there is no winter! that would be horrible! i would cry.
i got a travel journal today... it's so different because
i'm not writing for an audience (that'd be you, whoever you
are) and i can't type, and i write so much slower than i
type. i'm in summer right now, and it's pretty boring, so,
pretty much like summer. i love fall, winter, spring, and
summer, in that order - of the song, that is, i don't like
any of the seasons. i'm not a "nature" type of person,
although, without nature we would all be dead and we are
all apart of nature, and that's why George W. sucks, but
that is completely off the subject. at the louvre, they
have 4 paintings - the four seasons - of faces made out of
the plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers of each
season. those were my favorite paintings in the museam,
and the only thing i liked better was the venus di milo
statue... wait, no, that was okay, but that's not the
statue i liked, i like the one with no arms and no head and
huge wings... but i don't know the name of that one.
newayz... mary, you rock the house. whenever you need me,
i'll be there (even from france) so, okay lady, i love you,
good bye! (animaniacs.)

~ caroline.