my life (as told by me)
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2001-12-31 02:46:27 (UTC)

boring day

lol. it's the 30th. and today was a lazy day for me. woke
up around 11, kinda sat around for a while...and i watched
tv! omg! lol. i havent watched tv in like forever. it was
some show called butt ugly aliens...or something like that.
i wanted to ride today, but my knee was acting up, so i
couldnt. and the wind made it extremely cold. tomorrow i go
to the orthopedics, so maybe they can tell me what is wrong
w/ my knee. it's getting really annoying...oh, for z-club,
we're writing letters to soldiers in afganistan...or in
that area. but every time i write to my soldier, i remember
what is happening in the world, and it makes me think an
awful lot. and sitting here today, i realized that i still
like sam a lot, but i dont know what his feelings are. and
half of the time, i really dont want to know. that right
there is a lost cause....i think....but i really wish it
wasnt. but anyways, brian and me are ok once again, thanks
to josh! lol. i really appreciate what he did. i couldnt
have said it any easier. but i dont think he ever got out
the 2 by 4. lol. well, time to watch rush hour 2...again.

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