2001-12-31 02:42:15 (UTC)

My Emotionalism

I have felt bad the last couple of days. Then I thought
about how blessed that I am. I have three children and
they are really good children. They are so loving and
compassionate. I have always taken them to church so they
know who God is and what Jesus has done for them. I plan
on starting out and living 2002 differently.

I called a meeting to make sure they understand their
chores and how they are to take care of their
responsibilities. They are also going to get a steady
allowance. I really haven't in the past because someone is
always giving them money for the week but it is time for me
to actually see what they know about money and if they
value it or not. If not, I will assist them - of course,
they will make the ultimate choice as to how they will
handle theirs. I do know they will not receive an increase
if they are reckless with my cash. They seem to be really
excited with their new cell phones. I got the Family
Advantage so I am not so nervous about the cost. If they
abuse it however, I will have to re-think this whole
communication thing. So far so good.

I sometimes think about how I have a degree but I am not
really using it. Does this make me a failure? I do not
feel like one but then on the other hand it feels like I
still should be better than what I am. I like my job but a
lot of people have gotten laid off but I am told not my
area so do not worry but one thing that I have always did
is worry, no I am kidding but I have always tried to makes
sure that my children will not hurt for anything or any
interruptions in their schooling.

I am married but I have always had to operate as if I was
single - hey the decisions we make. Like I tell the boys,
God has a plan for you lives, He really does. One thing He
gives us right away in life is the choice to choose. If you
do things your way, then you are not following His plan,
they say how will we know if we are or are not, if you are
not living according to the word of God - the bible then
you are doing something else - you are living according to
the way you want to. There is two ways you way and God's
but there is only one right way. I believe what I have
taught them, you will change things. So, I live this life -
being solely responsible for them while someone else sort
thinks they are - everyone knows that I am. Including

I have already prepared my mind, how I will start out 2002
at work. I plan on getting very organized. I know that I
will be working with more than one team and I will organize
myself in a fashion in which, I can handle it. I have also
started to look in areas that will assist me in getting a
more stable gig. I am starting to re-create a resume and
look into how I want to approach this whole thing, it is
amazing. I can tell when it is almost time to switch -

It is not an easy thing. It is sort of scary but so
possible. As a matter of fact I am going to go online and
start a little investigation of this thing. I will get