the writing of kuypers
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2001-04-09 14:59:41 (UTC)

Cried Alone

Cried Alone


I have always cried

I couldn't help but
find a place to myself
and that I would no longer have to
swallow the tears

The salt water
burned my face

The silent pleas killed me

I couldn't escape it

The pasty came to
haunt me
and it didn't care
how much it hurt me

It just laughed
when I thought I was free
and it waited
for the right moment
to twist the knife

To tighten the noose

And I quietly took the pain

I decided I had to
move on

I had to pick up the
lingering parts of the past
and put them in their place

Where they belong

But I
couldn't do that alone

I wanted to remember the unclenched fist

And when you helped me
in the fight
I actually felt strong again

And I don't cry anymore