A Closed Mind is An Open Book
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2001-12-31 02:05:04 (UTC)

Life's Too Heavy

I believe Shannon told on me and Robbie. Jeez... I thought
I could trust this girl. But I guess not. That's tha last
time I open my fucking mouth without my dad here. If he was
here... he woulda found out... not Shannon. Never again!
Never! She won't hear another thing from me. I'm tired of
getting the shaft from my own fucking family. They're
supposed to care. They're supposed to love me
unconditionally. Well they can take their "unconditionaly
love" and shove it up their asses cause I aint doing
another damn thing for them. I'm fed up with it. From now
on the only person I listen to in this house is my dad. And
since he aint here right now, I guess that means I aint
listening to anyone. Too bad for them. Cause they just lost
one hell of a relative.

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