Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2001-12-31 01:54:09 (UTC)

See you next year....

Happy New Year! I'm saying that 'cause this entry is sure
to be the last of 2001.
Resolutions?? None really....I'd like to lose a few
pounds, find a good guy worth my time & maybe save
money..actually, I've GOT to pay off my debts so that's a
Tomorrow night StC, JeG & I are headed to the Convention
Centre. There's gonna be a lot of people we know there,
including JeM who'll be with her man & his friends, DaM & a
bunch of his friends & some other people from town. A lot
of our friends are going elsewhere, but a bunch of us are
gonna meet up & party later on after 2am probably @TaS &
her man's Single Girls are crashing at ShM's
house nearby...should be fun. Got my dress & such all ready
to go. I work till 5-5:30pm beforehand, but our party
doesn't start until 8pm...we'll probably head there about
9pm or so. I'm actually excited about something!!!! WOW!!!
IF JaC (Ewwwwwie) shows up later I will not kick him (like
I have been saying I will, 'cause I DO want to) but instead
I'll just look good and make ZERO eye-contact with the
creep. Most of my friends think he's a piece of shit so
I'll bask in my glory (Beautiful & Free) while he
does....fuck, I dunno....himself?? Ya, he can fuck himself.
If he DOES bring a date, I'll be really nice to her, just
to piss him off :)
So,'s been a crazy year but I'm doing good & I
have high hopes for the next......
See you then,
~loveridden ;)