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2001-12-31 01:52:51 (UTC)


ok its time to make new years resluations. ok here are mine
i want to serve God more and better
i also want to be more fit
i want to work harder in school
i want to be a better friend

ok, i gotta a question do you think its possible to do all
those things in 2002??/ cuz i sure am gonna try
now here is where it gets good
i kinda have a crush on this guy lets call him #25 cuz i
dont wanna say his name for fear his firends might read this
or he might anyway. #25 is a JR in hs and he goes to my
church SFC, ok? now by the time i am in HS i will freshman,
he will be a SR, this is next fall. now would it bne really
weird if we dated??? cuz he goes to my church does stuff
with my youth group and he will be attending the New Years
Eve All Niter tomorrow. now but i realize i gots a crush on
him, but should i just brush it off and hope it goes away or
should i wait untill HS like Lexi, (my BFF) andh go for him
when i am in HS, but he is FOUR YEARS OLDR THAN I AM it
would be weird. but it would be cool to be his gf so i am
stuck, and i have yet to tell my friends they will probably
find on New Years Day if i even decide to tell them then.
but its now just a lil girl crush like a 9 yr old has on her
brothers 15 yr old friends. i mean i actually talk to him
and we have a lot in common. hey plays bball and i love
watching it. we are both Christains activley invloed i nthe
Chruch, we both go to oakland and the list goes on
i need some help becuz I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO
this gets better
my cuz (emnily) likes DERICK
yeah the derick i used to like and both will be at the party
tomorrow so i gotta look good not only to impress #25 but
also Emily will be falling all over derick so i gotta look
good to make derick wish he had me not emily or whatever
so plz help me i have no