2001-12-31 01:19:49 (UTC)


i was so wrong about Christmas.. i was actually right until
about 5:30 on the 24th. we bought my guitar that day. can
i really be bought that easily? yes.. and no. the guitar
itself, or any of the other presents for that matter, is
not what made the holiday cheery. the music it brought,
however, made everyone join in song as hollywood as it
sounds. duet with michael on his baby taylor. duet with
dad on the ancient piano. solo solo solo.
my calluses returned with a vengence.
matt was home, though he is home every christmas, but the
real meaning lay in the fact that we were all there
together, particularly for my aunt and grandmother who have
both had their share of health problems this year.


in reality, we just a bunch of pyros. the next day after lunch we
nearly burnt the old house down. yes, that old white one just down
the road from my grandmother's. the one on the street named after my
dead grandfather. that one that no one has lived in for over a
decade.. where my father was raised and where i spent summers as a
baby. it's an antique.

i knew that the flame shouldn't have been expanding from the base of
the fire like that. i knew but didn't say anything. my uncle
promised it would burn itself out. famous last words. ten minutes
later the entire pasture was engulfed in a short flame that spread
throughout the dry grass with the help of cool wind. everyone
grabbed pine branches and started to beat it out. even my 70-
something year old grandmother joined in and refused to be seated.
thick smoke swallowed me. it's good for your sinuses you know.

i documented the whole event from behind a silent wink.

merry christmas indeed.