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2001-12-31 00:57:07 (UTC)

whips and chains

I just had this really weird dream. The first part I hardly
remember, it was about robbing a bank. We got away with it
until Josh was really stupid and decided to cash a check
later on at the same bank. Then I had a dream where it was
like the future...lori was over, she's an old friend of
mine from home...She was really sick and I kept on trying
to help her. We were staying over at Josh's parents house
and they kept on getting mad that we were there. And Josh
was frustrated because he wanted to have sex but I didn't
want to leave her when she wasn't feeling well. She passed
out or something and me and Josh went for a walk, past all
these futuristic type buildings. I noticed he was holding a
whip and he said that lori had promised to use it on him. I
was so angry at him in the dream, totally enraged,
screaming all sorts of profanity laced insults and shoving
him. At one point I said we shouldn't be together anymore
but immedietely I had so much pain inside me that I took it
back. I saw that I had thrown the whip a while back as we
walked, and I told him he'd have to tell her games over. He
told me he didn't care, that he just cared about me. Then I
woke up.
I'm surprised I slept so long though. We slept for like
five hours last night. I hadn't been planning on sleeping
but he was giving me a massage and it just felt so
wonderful and nice and relaxing. He would do this thing
where he'd blow across my back slowly, and pretty soon I
was out like a light.