Daily Ruminations
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2001-12-31 00:55:23 (UTC)


So I never know what to write about myself...

People ask me to describe myself when I am online with
them, but I never know what to say. When I was still in
school, an amazing womyn once had us to an exercise. She
told use to descibe ourselves in as many ways as we could
in two minutes. I had like 3 things in my head about
myself. Sure I could think of more, but I couldn't remeber
many more and I was too lazy to write them down (or didn't
care enough at the time). I don't exactly remeber what the
different categories were, but we tend to describe
ourselves by physical and relational characteristics first,
then by emotional, mental, spiritual, etc chararcteristics.
This is a journal entry from awhile ago that was based off
this lecture....

Me (7/6/01)
Who am I? I'm a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin,
granddaughter. I am woman, friend, lover, bitch, giver,
taker, huntress, angel, poet. I'm an athlete, muscian,
student, teacher, role model, driver, baker, hacker,
roommate, rock, listener. I am hope, the future, a
miracle, a work in progress, a confidante, a thrill seeker,
a shocker, laid back, princess, mischievious, a talker.
I'm funny, 5'4"-AVERAGE!!!, a red head with brown eyes,
silly, moody, passionate, private, dominate, I am a Leo, an
author, prophetic, leader, wild-child, I am ME! Uniquely
me. I am going to start being me, not the me that others
think I should be, be the me that I am!


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