Forgotten Misery
2001-12-31 00:42:12 (UTC)

pointless goodbye

I think me writting in this is getting to the point of
being very pointless im gonna go back to writting on paper
or just well nothing at all. Most people dont really read
this anymore cause im dead to them already. People have
forgotten me and no longer really care what the hell
happens to me im on my own. I got a violent wake up call
out of my perfect lil world that wasnt that good to begin
with i know i probaly really wont ever see some of u again
and thats sad i want to stay close yet theres no point for
me to try cause no one cares if i write i mean people could
go for months years without a word from me and i dont think
it would matter so im just gonna fade myself out now since
i have been forgotten y try to make some remeber the
friendship and what we had together well goodbye one and
all and I love u and wish nothing but the best for u....As
for me new life starts in 2 days when i hit school again so
i wont bother anyone anymore as i unwilling quitely fade away.