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2001-12-30 20:46:09 (UTC)

I'll be Jill to your Jack, baby

I gave in and went over last night. He had just called,
being very sweet as always. Two of his friends came over
(one of them was the one I thought didn't like me, I'll
call him Jack) and we played music...it was fun. I was on
drums, Jack on guitar, josh singing. Later on I was talking
to the other one and josh and jack were still playing. josh
started singing some weird shit into the mike...like "dont
poison my bitch", I believe it was. The guy asked if he was
referring to him and I said no way, Josh wouldn't ever call
me that. Well he was, later he said he wasn't even thinking
he just got all jealous and it came into his head. What a
I think I have a small crush on Jack. Josh is a lot better
looking but there's just something about him. He was being
real nice, he interests me. I want to get to know him
better. Josh knows I'm into him, I think I gave it
away...cause I wanted them to kiss (I dont know why) and
somehow he said you want to kiss him...and I do, I suppose.
Josh bought handcuffs. I used them on him last night, I
gave him a hj and told him to tell me when he was about to
cum. I was curious. Very salty, bitter.
We had sex au natural cause I started bc a little while
ago...it feels better that way, I liked it. We took a
shower and by then it was fully light. I kept on
positioning myself, tilting my shoulders back, so I would
look more perky. I'm not confidant of my body at all.
Then we went out for breakfast and got french toast, mmm. I
paid. I wanted to this time.
Josh said he's going to run to the city and back, like
twenty miles away from his barracks. I think he's crazy. He
said he'd call afterwards to tell me. I don't believe him,
there's just no way.
I saw something really horrible on my way home...there was
a cat in the road and I pulled over because I wanted to
move him out of the way. Then a car came and ran right over
him again..it was so horrifying there was all this blood. Not a good
omen at all, I'm going to have
nightmares. As my mother would say...there's a special
place in heaven for that little kitty.
If I believed in heaven.
I can't believe new years eve is tomorrow, thats so weird.
Me and josh are going to go out to eat and watch fireworks.
One of the things I really like about him is that he treats
me just as nice when I look awful as when I look cute. Like
this morning, scary scaryness. But he's so nice. He told me
I'm his favorite of all his past girlfriends. I like that.
I haven't taken of my necklace since he gave it to me.