My life
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2001-12-30 19:38:14 (UTC)

Dec 30, 01, got up at around 9:30. Called Jamie to wake
her up, but she was getting ready to go to church. Took a
shower and went shopping with my mom and my
brother...bought my brother a cute red jacket thing from
Old Navy. Didn't get anything for myself though....Then we
went to Barnes and Noble, there my mom bought me a new
book, "Milkrun", and a desk calendar "Wild Words from Wild
Women". FUN. Then we went to McDonalds...haven't been
there in awhile, got a vanilla milkshake and a
cheeseburger. Yum. Weekness......And now I am home and
decided to start one of these for Gerry to keep an eye on
me. But I'm not sure how to link him to my journal or
anything, so who knows....well it's 2:37, so I will write
later on about the rest of my boring Sunday....

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