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2001-12-30 17:56:28 (UTC)

Hobbits are Scary Little Bastards, Eh, Jacob?

Wow, been a bit, eh? Guess I'll start with Christmas Eve.
Got out of work at noon after scarfing down free pizza
(man, Terry kicks ass) and wandered home after running some
errands. Talking online to Brian, I discovered that his
family doesn't do anything on Christmas. Of course, I
couldn't let him sit around by himself, so I dragged him
and Bob along with me to my paternal grandfather's house
with me to meet my crazy Sirois family.
I don't know if this says anything, but Bob blended right
in with the nutcases... Brian seemed to just sit on the
couch and be as non- noticeable as humanly possible. But
they both liked my family, and my family seemed to like
them, particularly Pa, and my Uncle Scotty, who talked with
them about the new Lord of the Rings movie. More on that
later, though...
We came back to my house, where Brian passed out under
Bib's duster on the den loveseat and Bob and I spieled off
romantic sentiment like the romantic retards that we are.
They left and Mandy went for a snooze.
Christmas day, as per usual, the Dexter side of the
family came to invade my house. I spent my time that day
wandering around aimlessly, talking to my sister and
cousins, and playing with my unbelieveably adorable 5- year-
old niece. What a little angel she is.
Wednesday at work was quite fun- Corey, the "mean"
supervisor, left at like 10 AM, and when the cat's away,
the mice will play...
And play we did. Press One was down, so there were some
guys with nothing to do. Jaime, being one of them, came
over to bug me and we ended up swordfighting with these
rolled-up blue plastic thingies I use on my screen frames
("Your arm's off!" "No, it isn't!" "Whadda ya gonna do,
bleed on me?!") and playing baseball with one of the same
as a bat and an empty tape roll as a ball. Ah, that was fun.
I took Friday off, so on Thursday night I met Jason,
Jason and Bob at Whale Wall and we played some pool at
Legend's in Portsmouth. After that we headed to PTC Bick's,
where we met Jacob, Jon, Mike, Kat, and Brian G., as well.
It was a very good night, and after coming home, Bob and I
got some quality alone time together...
We got up on Friday early so I could go to a doctor's
appointment (which I missed, since I couldn't find any
goddamn parking spots for 10 minutes and they had the
audacity to not let me in), stopped at JSR so I could get
my check, and shot off to York.
We went to Bob's Uncle's house for a few hours, his family
being extremely hospitable, and then went back to his
place. On the way, I had a god- awful dream, which I'm not
going to go into- suffice it to say that when I awoke, I
had to ask Bob if I was alive or dead.
Yesterday, Saturday, Bob and I slept in until 5 in the
afternoon, then went with Picard, Jacob, and Jon to see The
Lord of the Rings.
I don't care who you are or if you liked or even read the
books ( I haven't yet), you MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Your
life will not be complete unless you do.
Fair warning, though: keep an eye out for the part when
Froto arrives at Rivendale and Bilbo asks to hold the ring
again- at that part I got startled so badly, I jumped
roughtly a foot in the air out of my seat and
simultainiously screamed "HOLY SHIT!!" at the tops of my
lungs. I looked at Jacob, who looked at me, and we both
blinked at each other and then burst out laughing and
couldn't stop for like 10 mintues. I was crying, just
because for some reason Jake laughing at me was funny. We
need help. Seriously.
After that prime example of cinematic excellence, we went
to Bickford's for coffee until around 3 this morning,
getting home around 4. Jacob, Picard, and of course, Bob,
spent the night and here we are. Today we'll also be joined
by Jon and Norty, and they'll be gaming for god only knows
how long. And now I am off to bake cookies for the menfolk
like a good little woman.
Please disregard that last statement made by the
independent feminist. Thank you.
*Grumbles* Damn you, Andy Dawley...


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