Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2001-12-30 17:47:20 (UTC)


Okay... Last night was emotionaly stresful to the extreme
x.x Kiara talked lourre into sharing, and at the time, I
kinda wished Kiara had picked. Then, Kiara tells me her and
Lourre are eloping! I had to go paint, but I could barely
breathe, let alone stand up! After I was done painting, I
was invited to the wedding, when they said speak now or
forever hold your peace.... man, I wanted to scream "I
object!" or something. Through the whole thing I was VERY
close to crying, for me, thats the equivilent of wailing...
Then, afterwards, Kiara asked me if I'm okay and I
replied "Yeah... sorta... well.. no I have to be truthful,
I hate this."

But its okay, she told me that IRL she wants me, in the
furre she'll have us both. She said she loves me more for
real, but that Lourre needs the reasurance... I was so
releived, still kinda shakey though. You know, this could
end up bad... what if Lourre wants Kiara to meet her for
real one day and she refuses? Or how about when me and
Kiara meet for real, what will Lourre think... oh, she
doesnt have to to know, huh? I dunno, I'll just quote Alan
Grant, "Some of the worst things, have been done with the
best intentions."

Okie, besides that, my new bow rocks! I've been using it in
my back yard, and I love it, the power, the accuracey, its
beautiful :p. The one problem is that the aluminum stalk
hurts my hand, it has corners where it should be smoothed
out : Thats okay though, I can just wear a glove.