2001-12-30 17:37:38 (UTC)

How I'm holding up so far...

Well kity, you haven't been writing lately, what happened?
Well I don't know about you but I had a dream about you and
some other folks yesterday. I don't remember it that much
but this is what happened.
I was suppose to go by that part of Reilley that's
separated from the rest of the school, and you were calling
me. I look toward you and it was you smiling and gigaling
as usual. There were some people around you too. I think
one of them was Maria, but no Jerome. (Sorry) Later the
pool I was suppose to go to was a little pump by the
entrance. For some reason you were kinda avoiding me. Later
you said you have to leave, so I found no point in hanging
with your friends without you. As I started walking away
towards the street, a limo pulled up and Arthur and Danish
along with a few of their friends came out. They told me
that Dale wanted to get some cards from the Alley.
(Although in my dreams the Alley is a much different place,
and is much more crowded.) So later we went and for some
reason, Dale and a bunch of other people had to fill out
this survey. But it wasn't a survey. He was drawing
pictures of these crappy looking trees. He had a brown
electric guitar in his hand. He bought the cards and we
were about to leave. I grabbed the guitar (cause in this
alley in my dreams there is a bunch of cool things,
especially guitars that are all over the place and anyone
can just play on them, and return them to at the end of the
store.) and wanted to return it on the end of the store.
I thought it would make me look cool. Someone was playing
some music and a bunch of guys were dancing. For some
reason some of them were Romeo, T-Bull, and Mercury. As I
was leaving T-Bull stopped me, intorduced me to his 3
friends who's faces I couldn't see in my dream. I was gonna
wait for my brothers to come back. I was gonna tell them
I'm gonna stay at the party a little longer. (Yes now it
was also a store/party.) I waited for them to return so
that I can go hang with T-Bull. They didn't return, but
suddenly I was surrounded my sophomore gilrs from my
Theatre class talking about some book with a weird pistol
on it. My teacher Ms. Hanson was there talking about how
reading this book would make you eligible to compete for
Miss teen America.
Weird huh. Well, other then that I've been doing a lot
of homework. I only have like 80 pages until I finish a
long awaited book to be done.
Kity, what's up with you? Where are you? Not one entery
for a long time.

Well I'm gonna go now. Bye
-Amnesia Spring