Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-30 17:19:23 (UTC)

Ben= Heath Ledger, Enrique Iglesias, and Tom from blink! and he is all mine!

Hey everyone!
Sup ? not much here well actually alot here!!!! haha!ok two
nights ago my brpther and i went to the BNL concert
(Barenaked ladies)!!!! SCORE for me ! It was so much fun !
ok we get there and we found our seats and when we do who
is sitting next to us ???? BEN and Charlie!!! these two hot
guys who were on my brother soccer team last spring and
summer! anyways we were talking to them and ben ( ladies-
he is so hot !!!!! ok he is a mix of Heath Ledger, Enrique
Iglesias, and Tom from Blink! he has the body like
Heath,eyes and voice like Enrique and the personality of
Tom from Blink 182!!! yes thats right ladies there are guys
out there this perfect!lol)anyways I was talking to Ben ( i
have had a crush on him ever since last spring and summer)
and he was like 'don't take this the wrong way but you look
fuckin fine tonight!not that you don't any other time but
you really look fine tonight!' and i was like melting!lol
but i guess he was right cause i was wearing Black mini
skirt, this long sleeved red shirt that flairs out over
your hands and was see through where your stomach is and my
flame boots! lol ! so after he said that i was
like 'um...thanks' and i tried not to laugh. and we talked
for awhile longer and then the band started playing and Ben
and my brother both had a beer (yes they are 17) and I had
like 8 MDs(mountain Dews) anyways even though this band
isn't a mosh pit , grinding band , we uh kind of made them
one! we started dancing and Ben and I started to grind and
lol we um..... grinded for 3 hours straight!!!! haha ! we
danced the whole time!!!!!!! lol it was so much fun ! and
then after the concert was over we went home. and my
brother invited ben and charlie to come over! so they came
over and made food with my brother while i went upstairs
and talked online for awhile!!!! lol!
oh i need your guys input on something that happend to
me online! tell me what you think lets say you were
involved with someone and then you had a fight with them
because of something that they did, and then you decided
just to be friends, and well the other person claims they
still love you and want to be close to you and well you try
and be close to them but they push you away, and they talk
about how something is wrong in their life and they act all
depressed and when you ask them what wrong they type
something like 'oh i just feel like shit, why does my life
have to be like this?maybe i can kill myself and get it all
over with!' and your like what the hell was that and they
say they were just singin a song, and your like um.. ok and
then they say that they are going to go for a walk and
maybe they will get hit by a car or something! and your
like 'wait stay here and talk to me. don't you dare go do
what i think you are going to do ! ' and they say ' i will
maybe talk to you later.' and then get off and then get
back on like 20 mins later and act like they didn't do
anything! and you are angry cause they scared you and then
they say ' you don't have to care about me! i have made it
this far on my own' and you say 'too late i already care
about you' and they say ' you don't have to please you
don't ' and you get so angry cause they are making you so
mad and you tried to be a good friend and you tried to be
there for them and you care about them but you can't take
it anymore and you say 'fine if thats they way you want it
then fine maybe i won't care about you ! you don't want the
lil love i have left for you after you broke my heart then
fine i will take it and give it to someone who will
appreciate it !!!!!' and you set your status to away and
they send you all this stuff saying that they are sorry and
they are just down and don't know how to express it ! and
you say one thing and then get off and that one thing is
'how am i supposed to get close to you as a friend and
trust you again if you push me away?!' and then you sign
off! i just don't know if i can take that other person
being so depressed their life is good they have a great
life and i know alot of people who are in alot worse shit
then this person! and i don't know if they are just seeking
attention from me or what the hell they are doing but its
making me so crazy!! so tell me what you all think!
Ok yesterday i went to stephs and we went sleding !
yes!!! lol and we went to church (which by the way i can't
sneeze in church or cough or anything!LOL) haha and then we
tried to watch dvds ! lol ! but uh yeah the thing k
e p t up ! lol ! haha but
yeah had a blast at steph and she is coming over tomorrow
to party hard with me for new years!!! :)! lol ! ok well i
gotta blaze! time for me to take a shower!!! :)! lol !
talk to you later !
luv ya!