Randi Lynn

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2001-12-30 15:42:48 (UTC)


Hiya! ermph..havent written in over 3 days..How sad. I
Brought my "Computer", as my mom calls it, or As i call it,
The Tower OF my computer, To the computer people and they
Suposdly think they fixed it so i can install DX8.1, but i
cant! So I gotta call them up and talk to them about it
again. I was Supose to go to my friends Last night, But she
never called, and i dont have her number, so i couldnt get
directions to her house. So that sucks.
Now Im all depressed, i dont know why. And im tired. I need to take a
bath. No one online seems to be talkin to me. Ughhh. Mabey they're
all finally bored of me and hate me. Sometimes I actulyl wish
everyone in teh world would hate me. Not that there isnt many people
that actully like me that need to hate me. (I knwo what i mean, Do
you knwo what i mean?) But I mean....I've got friends, if that's what
you want to call them.