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2001-12-30 12:14:35 (UTC)

Green Eyes... Part II

Abby had called and they were going to go out again
tonight. Sam paused in front of the mirror. 'Wow... 4
months! We've been dating for 4 months' continuing her make-
up and other preperations, she heard the door bell ring.
Giggling, she answered the door.
Abby was right on time, Sam noticed. "Hi babe! I'm almost
ready." she went to finish and Abby closed the door and
followed after her. She liked to watch Sam being all girly.
Sam finished her hair and was getting dressed when Abby
popped her head into the doorway. Feeling a light blush
rising, Sam hurried into her jeans and shirt. Abby liked to
watch Sam get dressed too. Abby smiled as Sam pulled on
some boots.
"So, where to tonight?" Sam asked as she adjusted the fit
on her left boot.
"I dunno, maybe a nice restuarant." Abby offered.
Sam looked herself over in the full length mirror, "OK, but
not too nice. I don't really feel like changing."
"OK, Deal." Abby said from behind her. Winding her arms
around Sam's waist she lightly kissed her neck, right by
the back of her ear. Sam's eyes closed for a second and she
leaned her head back onto Abby. She could feel her hands
lightly massaging her back, her hips, her thighs. Sam
sighed and rested on Abby.
"We should get going," Abby managed after acouple minutes.
"Yeah, OK." Sam grabbed her purse and they headed out.

Dinner was fun. Sam was having a great time and had
finished her fifth beer and got a sixth. Abby had noticed
but didn't say anything. Sam was having fun and didn't seem
to have any problems with the five beers. The music was bad
and too loud, the food was OK but expensive but Sam
practially glowed. A good, slow song came on and Sam's face
lit up.
"Let's dance!" she yelled to Abby.
Abby's face was concerned. "Are you sure? We're not at a
bar." She hoped Sam got her message.
"Yes, I'm sure." Sam nodded firmly and reached for Abby's
hand. Abby smiled and allowed Sam to lead her into a slow,
intimate dance.
Their eyes closed, they didn't notice people staring if
they were staring. All Sam felt was Abby, warm and soft
dancing with her. Her hand resting lightly on the small of
her back, her head nestled in her shoulder and Abby's sure
movements moving them around the small dance floor. The
song was almost over and Sam looked at Abby and kissed her.
A soft, short kiss that Abby vowed to never forget. The
song ended so they went back to their seats. Abby had
noticed the place got kinda quiet when they went up to
dance and now it was practically tomblike. The next song
came on sounded too loud, so Abby let Sam know it was time
they started to go. Sam reached for her hand across the
table, gave it a brief squeeze and finished her beer. They
were back in the car heading back to Sam's house in about 2
Abby drove in a kind of daze. Sam was never that
affectionate in public before. Abby wasn't sure if she
should be pleased or not.
Sam let them in and went to get changed. Abby just flopped
onto the bed, watching Sam get into a pair of sweats.
"OK," Abby finally said, "What gives?"
Sam looked at her, genuinly confused. "Hmm?"
"Tonight. The hand holding, the dancing, the *kissing*? You
rarely are like that in public, Sam." Abby tried her best
to be calm. She started to get worried 10 minutes ago.
"Oh... that." Sam sat down next to her.
"Yes. *That*." Abby looked at her and got even more
worried. Sam looked ready to cry. Abby reached for her hand
and held one in her hands. "What's up, buttercup?"
Sam looked at her. A tiny tear spilled out and fell down
her cheek.
"Aww. Sam... honey, what is it?" Abby cupped her face,
absently brushing her tear away with her thumb.
"OK. I just, you know. Felt like it. I just didn't care if
people knew I loved you, Abby." Sam looked at her, and Abby
melted. She didn't need Sam to explain anymore. She loved
"Oh Sam..." she trailed off, the rest of her words melting
into Sam's mouth.


Sam pulled Abby out of her clothes. First her shirt.
Savoring her bare breasts in her hands and mouth for a
moment. Then Abby's pants and panties came off, slowly
pulling them over her hips, Sam let her hands wander and
take their time.
Abby stripped Sam. Alittle rougher, lust mingling sweetly
with love. She lowered Sam to her bed, slightly sitting
over her and taking one full breast into her mouth. Sam
moaned softly. Abby let a hand trail down Sam's side,
feeling her soft warm skin all over. Abby's mouth moved up
to her breast, collarbone, neck, just below her ear, down
her jawline, to her mouth. A deep kiss had Sam's hips
moving slowly against Abby's and Abby's hand sliding down
her hip, over her thigh and around. She could feel Sam
slowly spreading her thighs under her and moving her hips
alittle harder against her. Abby slipped her hand along
Sam's inner thigh, lightly letting her nails fall across
the soft hair. Sam gasped, moaned again and nearly
protested when Abby pulled away. Sam quieted when she felt
Abby's kiss between her breasts moving downward, a soft,
warm wet tongue teased her navel and danced right above the
line of her soft hair. Sam writhed, reaching for Abby. Abby
moved lower, planting kisses on her pussy and around her
pussy. Slowly, Abby walked her fingers up her inner thigh
and spread Sam's pussy. She planted a kiss in her pussy,
making Sam's hips buck slightly. Abby's tongue slowly
peeked out and tasted Sam. Sam moaned louder and Abby
kissed at her again. Abby scootched an arm under each of
Sam's thighs, reaching for one of Sam's breasts, she slowly
licked up Sam's open pussy. Dipping her tongue into her,
Abby felt Sam shudder and moan. Going alittle faster, Abby
flicked her tongue over Sam's erect little clit. Sam
bucked, moaned louder and wiggled her hips into Abby's
face. Abby kept going, licking, flicking and sucked at her
clit. Sam gasped for air, moaning "Abby" and something else
as an orgasm plowed into her. Abby didn't stop. Lick,
flick, suck, lap at her, suck, nibble slightly. Sam was
gripping Abby's hand tightly, riding her into another
For now, Abby just lay there, laying her head on Sam's
thigh and smiled at her.

...To be continued...

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