I'll be your stumbleine...
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2001-12-30 10:08:32 (UTC)

Nini told me....

So I found out his last name... Nini told me, and yes,
he still likes me...Hurray! Mel and I partied with some
airforce guys last night... let's just say that Jack
Daniel's and I had words with one another, and now we
aren't on speaking terms. I was soooo trashed. Another one
of those nights... I think I need to cut back on the
drinking, good lord! It was fun, but Mel did leave me to
attend to 4 airforce boys while she went and made out with
Dom. Of course I wowed them with my rapier wit and infamous
line "so.... you like stuff?" God I rule. Getting excited
for New Years. Still don't know what we're doing but I'm
sure it will kick ass. Definitely going to be a beer night
though. Hard alcohol and I should go our different ways for
a while I think.

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