Polikjum Thingy
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2001-12-30 09:38:39 (UTC)

Yay or something...

Time: 4:16 AM (the clock is all screwy, so this should help)

OK, I figure it's time for another entry. I'm bored and
feel like writing stuff.
::sits and thinks for about 20 minutes::
Ah... OK. I'll try to keep it in order of happenings.
I saw Bill (Thursday?) and I was like WOAH! He got his
eyebrow pierced. It looks good on him though. I didn't
think he'd pierce anything (he's got a tattoo, so maybe
needles are gonna be his thing now. Hehehehehe). So like he
was trying to call me a weenie. I was like PFFFFT!
Whatever. LOL (yeah, I can be an airhead) because I was
telling him I was thinking of getting my nose pierced (it's
expensive anymore to get anything pierced ::sigh:: I'm
broke)and he thought I wouldn't do it. Hah. Foolish man bet
me $20 too. Well, I done pierced it. ::shows it off:: It
didn't even hurt (OK, it didn't until I got to the very
end, pushing through all the way. There's something tougher
on the inside. Owie). So it took me about 20 minutes. heh.
I was all dancing around like a dork so I made my sister
finish it. I was like "Just shove it through. You can do
it..." she's brutal. I was thinking "Woah, only someone
that loves you would stick their finger up your nose and
impale you" so I was laughing and had to sit down. Fun
stuff, lemme tell you. So I've been cleaning it alot. Imma
worry wort by nature so I can just see it getting all
infected and nasty. ::shudder:: Ages ago I got this saline
solution in a can. I'm glad I didn't throw it out! That
stuff rocks. Between that and some alcohol, it's not even
red. ::nod:: I keep bumping it though and that's not
pleasent. I pulled it out like twice already just playing
with my glasses or washing my face. LOL
::laughs:: It took my mom and dad acouple hours to notice
it. I wasn't hiding it either. They had the same look of
mild surprise and horror "What did you do to your nose?!"
::laughing really hard:: Heh. So I haven't seen Bill or
anyone in awhile, so they haven't seen it either. Heh. I
wanna camera to catch their faces.
OK, onward. Remember that chicky (Becky, heehee, isn't that
a cute name?) at the gas station I was talking about? If
not, read back (I don't remember which entry). If so, well
she asked me out. I probably stared like a retard and just
sorta nodded. Surprised me. Nothing fancy, just out to a
diner after she was off work (she's got the night shift, so
not much else was open). The one closest was the one I go
to alot, so I'm expecting gossip shortly. LOL Apparently,
she figured I wasn't from around here (I didn't think it
was *that* obvious until she mentioned my 'accent'. Pah. I
don't have one dammit) so I spent about 20 minutes talking
about Philly and stuff. I spent 10 of those 20 missing the
food. LOL I swear it's impossible to find a decent pizza
around here. I've given up on "Philly cheese
steaks". ::gags:: (I was sooo gonna hit Geno's (sammich
place) Christmas day, but my brother was sleeping and I
don't trust my directional skills so I didn't bother.
Downtown/center city ALWAYS fucks me up. I have a huge fear
of getting lost. ::shrug::) I don't know if she was being
polite or not, but she seemed to pay attention. She was
telling me about herself (she's from Georgia. She doesn't
have much of an accent though, drat). I had no idea she was
almost 25 (like 2 weeks ago). She looks younger than
that. ::giggles like a dork:: Im dating an older woman.
Hehehehe. I think all together, we were there about 2
hours. I didn't get home until almost 5 AM. ::giggles::
She's cool though, really a relaxing kinda person. I'm
usually not so easy around new people. 2 hours. Woah. Heh.
I think it would have been even longer if she wasn't
getting so tired. I dunno what's gonna happen though, so
Imma shut up so's I don't jinx anything.
New Years is gonna be boring. LOL I almost thought of
asking Becky to do something, but she mentioned that she
does this thing with her family every year. So I think I
might just hang with my folks and not mope. I should ask
what they're doing... it could be interesting. Probably not
as fun as getting drunk. Wait... no, anything would be more
fun. Hehehehe.
The DVD player works! ::dances like a dork:: This thing is
cool. The picture is so purdy, there's tons of buttons
though. I'm still figuring out half of them. I'm scared to
push some of them, I keep thinking I'll blow it up or jam
it or something. Heh. Imma go to blockbuster later today
and rent some DVDs! YAY! I dunno which ones yet. I gotta
long ass list, so I'll probably just see what they have
I finally got around to reading my book. Black House. I got
it for Christmas. ::dances like a dork again:: I dunno if
it's cause I've been alittle sleepy or what, but it's
starting off pretty dull. ::pouts:: Imma keep on though. I
think Straub wrote most of the begining. LOL Anyone else
read it yet? What do you think? DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS
OK, I think that's about it. I'll try to write again before
the new year.

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