It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-30 09:26:38 (UTC)

you know you make me wanna say so long...

you know you make me wanna say good bye (good bye). oooooh
dude! tonight was soooo badass. i went to the suicide
machines yesterday, and i talked to jay (the singer) for a
few seconds. and i saw them him again tonight, cause i was
in front of course. and not only did i get to sing again,
he was like, "this one's goin out to the sublime shirt guy
who was there last night" and he pointed to me!@! i got a
fuckin song by the suicide machines dedicated to me! the
song was "so long" (my topic). i went nuts. badass show
too, a double encore, with "van's song" (what a suprised)
then they came back with "minor threat". that tune is
after "so long" on destruction by definition, but it's a
hidden track, you gotta let "so long" play for like 5
minutes then minor threat comes on, and that was there 2nd
encore. anyway, it was really badass. plus i went with
jermaine, dave and laura. oh yeah, i was like "dude,
jermaine, you should come, it's always a good show." but i
only had 3 tickets and 4 people at a sold out show. we
stood around for about 10 minutes wondering what to do;
people askin us if we had extras; then some dude jumps
outta his car "you guys need an extra?" so that was tits
itself! so we got into the show, front row and i got a
fuckin song dedicated to be! it was a badass night. then of
course we went to fuddruckers and meijer. im gonna try to
save this happiness and turn it at...oh...4:27 am. night