2001-12-30 08:42:06 (UTC)

it wouldnt let me send this last night but i wrote it last night

"take me for who i am, who i was meant to be, and if you
give a damn, take me baby, or leave me"

thats this really cool song claudia said reminded her of me
from rent, its like this girl and her girlfriend a shes
all like talking about her girlfriend needs to accept her as she i
and stuf and then shes like "guess im leaving, im gone" =(

whatever so yeah another night not worth mentioning so
far.. i feel really bad for fucking richard over tonight
and i was JUST talking to him last night i was crying and
really really upset and he was all sweet and trying to help
and then i blow him off again tonight god im such a bitch

my dad took my cats today. =( im really unhappy about
that... im really unhappy about lots today.

i saw ashley though and that was good.

you know either shes really unperceptive or i dont know.
like really i dont think she tries to upset me i really
dont and maybe its me but ugh... .and it pisses me off
becuse i thoguht this was all working out and i could deal
with the bllshit but what with me being out of school and
shit im really getting larger doses of irritated,im hoping
it will be better when i go back to school but hey thats
some bullshit cus shouldnt things be better when i can see
her more? whatever im so fucking confused i like her so so
much and its upsetting.

shes here anyway and i guess im guna go take as hower and
watch this movie ugh will i ever be right for anyone? will
anything ever work out the way i and someone else want it
to? fucking whatever im leaving.