Psychotic Rambles
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2001-12-30 08:16:34 (UTC)

Straight UP!

Hey, well, i'm in a slightly better mood right now. justin
really isnt the person that i used to love. did i say that
already? i cant really remember what i wrote b4. I like
mike. i think thats final. i called rian up and i said that
i didnt want to hurt him in any way and that he deserves
better and its really better this way. which is true. i
like mike. i just had to say that again.

OMG there is so much sno outside. we got like a foot or two
in one day. Our tree on the front porch fell over and now
we dont know how to get the (fuckin huge) thing out of the

I like Aerosmith. And Creed. Staind. Pepsi, or at least i
drink a lot of it. Peperoni pizza. Mike. The Dandy Warhols
(what a wack name for a band). HIM (!! TAKE THAT ALL YOU
HIM-HATERS!! u know who u r)

Tiffany called me and she was like, hey steph, you wanna go
to paris with me for new years. i was like....o.k...Kewlio.
i'm leaving today. well, i kinda hafta(mike)go soon, cause
i need to shower and burn some jamin cd's. Jaded. American
hi-fi.well. love to the world.

Dont cry cause its over. Smile cause it happened.

I need to teach Tiffany how to be single. i'll work on that
i lost my BABY! search search search...boohooo!

from the wack, tony hawk pro skater obsessed skater chick