2001-12-30 08:12:51 (UTC)


name? - Shelby

nicknames? - Shebly, and Shelby Pelby

birthday? - May 17

place of birth? - Albuquerque, New Mexico

height? - 5'4

eye colour? - Changes: blue, grean, turqoise

righty, lefty, or ambidexterous? - Righty

hair color? - Blonde/brown


sports are you active in? - nadda damn thing

is the most recent movie you have seen? - "Legally Blonde"
the best movie ever!

are you doing tonight? - I worked, now it's time for bed

is your name backwards? - Yblehs or Acceber

was the last thing you ate? - a hot fudge sundae, and a
Chile Cheese McDouble

was the last thing you said out loud? - Quit bitch (to my
new kitten)

do you think of true love? - So wonderful it hurts

is on your mousepad? - some dumb fucking gateway shit

on the walls in your room? - pictures of old friends, and

color is your computer desk? - mom and I spent
quality time together to put it up

color pants do you have on right now? - Black (nasty work

is right next to you? - furniture, and my orange juice

do you want to do when you grow up? - a novelist

do you look for in the opposite sex? - I don't look for
anything, I see it when I see it

Do you...

believe in yourself? - currently yeah I guess

get motion sickness? - fuck yeah

have a pager? - no

have a cell phone? - yeah, and it's the shit

have a lava lamp? - no

If you...

could travel to one place in the world, where would it be? -

were a crayon what color would you be? - red

could have one wish in the world, what would it be? - For
all this shit going on between us and Afghanistan to just
fucking stop.

could have any occupation, what would it be? - I could've
sworn I just told you that

could have some sort of special power what would you want
it to be? - to be able to fly


candy? - skittles

color? - Pink

color bra? - cream

thing to do on the weekend? - read, write

memory? - looking up at my mom when I was a baby, and
remembering how beautiful she looked to me

tv show(s)? - Boy Meets World

band/group/singer? - I don't fucking know

boardgame? - Scrabble

magazine? - Cosmopolitan

drink? - Alcoholic-Sublime, Smirnoff Ice
Non Alcoholic- water, milk, Code Red Mountain Dew

food? - Mexican food and chocolate

flower? - roses(go figure)

holiday? - Christmas and Valentines Day

shampoo? - Salon Selectives

toothpaste? - Crest

ice cream? - Cookies 'N Cream

scent/perfume? - Moschino

Have you ever...

gone skinny dipping? - oh yeah

been convicted of a crime? - no

cheated on a test? - hell yeah I did

broken a bone? - yeah, my brother broke my arm (it was an

gotten beat up? - my brothers used to pick on me, but other
then that, no


drinks with or without ice? - with

rollercoasters: deadly or exciting? - exciting

pick a song that describes you? - Hanson "A Song to Sing"

when you meet a person of the SAME gender, what do you
notice first? - If they look better then me

last time you showered - last night

how is the weather right now? - fuckin freezin!

who was the last person you talked to on the phone? - Justin

how many kids do you want? - 4; two boys, two girls

How long do you wait to tell someone that you love them? -
I always tend to say it too soon

who do you wish you could see more often? - My Jenny, and
yeah, I guess my boyfriend and definately my Daddy

what would be something you would say to them? - Uh, hi I

would you want to know when you're going to die? - no

have you ever had an online relationship? - yes, but not a
romantic one

who do you admire? - definately my mom; she's too cool.

why? - She's made it through so much, and she just keeps
going. Definately a qualitly I hope I inherit

This or that...

coke or pepsi? - Coke

1 pillow or 2? - 2

simple or complicated? - complicated

mom or dad? - Mommy

black or white? - black

happiness or depression? - Happiness

internet or real life? - Real life

balloons or streamers? - Balloons

grey or gray? - grey

sunrise or sunset? - sunset...a beautiful end to the day

x or o? - x

sun or moon? - moon

emerald or ruby? - emerald (my birthstone)

chocolate or vanilla? - Chocolate

hello or hi? - Hello

silver or gold? - silver

half empty or half full? - Half full

bacon bits or croutons? - croutons

mary kay or lancome? - what's lancome?

Which is more romantic...

candles or darkness? - candles

flowers or chocolate? - Flowers with chocolate

going out or staying in? - staying in ;-)

champagne or wine? - champagne

bed or floor? - bed

What do you think of...

small children - annoying, but so loveable

religion - awesome

drugs - I used to like drugs, but I hate them. I find them

yourself - I love who I am, and I wouldn't change it for

the internet - I could live without it, but it's definately
way cool

your town - it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be

What would you do if...

someone cut all of your hair off in the middle of the
night - I'd beat the living shit out of them, and burn
they're hair off

someone dyed your hair in the middle of the night - I would
wake up, so that wouldn't happen. But if they did, I'd flip
and I don't know what I'd do

you were pulled out of your everyday life, and put into
utter isolation - I'd cry myself into a stooper and lose my

someone stole your socks - I'd steal them back, and hit the
bastards with them

someone stole your computer - tell my Mommy :-D

all of your favorite bands were going on a tour together,
coming to your hometown, but your parents wouldn't let you
go - My mom wouldn't keep me from going

you fell on your ass on stage at school, in front of the
whole school population - I'd probably laugh just as hard
as everyone else

were told that you were moving tomorrow, away from all of
your friends - I'd tell everyone I love them, and then cry
for like days, but I'd mail them like everyday