Authority to Pass
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2001-12-30 08:11:33 (UTC)

Understand My Question

I cannot be this settled over a repeated repremand-
controdicting my thought about fictious facts of my past
and today I would like to unravel and share-I don't feel I
should chase or seek any hidden messages that are thrown at
me when all scatter just befor I barely reach it. why
dance around sarcastic measurings when seeking for a
pleasurable meaning why hold something purely durastic when
instead of melting merely chips my soul why hold that close
as I try to cherish my beliefs of courts I do not begin to
let you see the beauty so you can find the ugly and rub it
around my mirror of image. Why try to proove worth when it
is not desired. why hold an image of raptur when it will
only erupt in my face and bring a tear that I could trace
back to the last and start a chain reaction of multiple
faults. I do not wish to show you more nor do I believe I
would like to hear a teasing voice telling me of a choice I
could have changed and kept simply deranged I'm setting my
sould free with questions that no one will answer until my
love is wanted!

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